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PRODCT: Cero Nine

A Premium Sneaker brand with a variety of styles and silhouettes and a great alternative to Balenciaga Triple S or Prada Cloudburst

About the Brand

CERO Nine are an Amsterdam based premium footwear brand, with a focus on capturing upcoming fashion trends and interpolating them in their own way. Founded by creative director Khalil Eddiouane with the goal of providing a variety of styles at an exceptional quality without compromising on comfort and being delivered at a reasonable price.

The Products

The model I was fortunate enough to be gifted - shoutout to my bro Roman for the hookup - was the 'Fort H 210'. A 'Chunky' silhouette, these are a great alternative to say Balenciaga Triple S or Prada Cloudburst at a 1/3 of the price. From first looks I thought they would be bulky and heavy but thats not the case, they're well crafted and designed and the most important thing very comfortable.

These would be great with some Black Shorts and some Nike Socks to rock over summer - all be it COVID affected summer - and I can highly recommend the brand definitely worth checking out if you're after something different.

Links to Shop

You can shop the model I got here:

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