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PRODCT: Acta Sanctorum

Meaning Acts Of The Saints. British born luxury streetwear.

About the Brand

Acta Sanctorum is the story of two brothers (@eskidjcity & @damdjuk), born in Africa, adopted by England & raised in the north.

Acta Sanctorum - Meaning: Acts Of The Saints.

Each piece embodies our flair and attitude with a personal interpretation of our chosen theme. we strive for excellence in our collections by creating thought provoking garments, delivering messages for you to decipher and search your inner soul, enabling you to embark on a journey into discovering yourself. All our products are individually handmade from start to finish using materials sourced in the UK.

The Product

Pushing the boundaries of fashion with their limited release drops, which are made in limited quantities with a heavy focus on details and packaging creating a link between all elements of the drop.

The Acta Sanctorum Fishing Club is a story of patience perseverance and self-belief. Just a few lessons we have learned here at Acta Sanctorum. To chase our goals and achieve them we have learned that patience, perseverance, and self-belief are key. With this drop, we have conceptualized the art of Fishing to illustrate this, if you go fishing and cast your net you may not get a catch on the first try second try, or even third but with patience, perseverance & self-belief you will have your breakthrough moment. Join the club & become fishers of life.

Links to Shop

You can shop the products here:

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