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PRODCT: Mercer Amsterdam - Racer

A luxury crafted high quality sneaker, made from vegan and sustainable products.

About the Brand

Mercer Amsterdam is a high-end sneaker label, founded by Dutch designer Pim Dresen. Based in Amsterdam, the label focuses on luxury handcrafted footwear and accessoires for men and women. Mercer Amsterdam was named after Mercer Street in New York City where Pim bought his first pair at age 10, the accompanying shield-logo represents the map of Amsterdam.

The product is produced in family-owned factories in Portugal and Italy with a heavy focus on sustainability. The main idea of the brand is to create distinct silhouettes, fully designed in-house from sole to lace to create a unique look-and-feel with a luxury touch, incomparable to any other brand.

Mercer Amsterdam became notorious for its collaborations with NASA, which in three different installments created massive awareness. Additionally, Mercer was the first brand to collaborate with Piñatex in order to create the first fully sustainable vegan sneaker made from pineapple leather. Furthermore the brand has worked collaboratively with artists such as Future, Bella & Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton, Chadwick Boseman, Lady Gaga, Common, Quavo Huncho, Roddy Rich, Steve Aoki, Chris Brown and more..

The Product

The 'RACER LUX ALCANTARA' in PEARL GREY, is the first-ever sneaker made from Alcantara; introducing the Racer Lux Alcantara. Alcantara is known for crafting interiors of high-end car brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari, the material stands out on durability and premium look and feel. Besides that it is a fully sustainable and vegan alternative to suede..

A really comfy sneaker which you can just tell when in hand the quality of the materials put into this. The breathable lining and smooth insole, give a snug fit and supports the premium outer, giving as you would a expect a premium comfort feel.

Links to Shop

You can shop the model I got here: Mercer Amsterdam

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